10 Dream Countries We Hope to Visit

We’ve decided to make a list of some countries that we hope to visit one day. While we may not get to visit them in the near future, they are high on our list of must see destinations. So here are our top dream countries we’d like to visit, in no particular order:

Miranda’s Top 5 Destinations to Visit

Dream Destination: The flat top mountain Mount Roraima lies on the border of Guyana, Venezuala, and Brazil. © Copyright Tadashi Okoshi and licensed for reuse under CC BY-SA 2.0

The flat top mountain Mount Roraima lies on the border of Guyana, Venezuala, and Brazil.
© Copyright Tadashi Okoshi and licensed for reuse under CC BY-SA 2.0

  1. Guyana
    Before we decided to move to the UK one of our original plans was to go backpacking though South America, and Guyana was the country I was most looking forward to visiting. Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “Land of Many Waters,” and has no shortage of beautiful waterfalls, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. The reason Guyana made my top 5 list though, is Mt. Roraima, a 2800m high flat top mountain, where you can walk above the earth in the clouds.
  2. Egypt
    Ancient Egyptian history, pyramids, mummies, beautiful beaches, and riding camels into the desert as the sun is setting. Who wouldn’t want to visit Egypt?  Its proximity to Europe means there is a good chance we’ll end up here some time next year.
  3. Spain
    I don’t want to just visit the beaches of Spain, I want to walk across the country via the “Camino De Santaiago,” also known as the way of St. James. Depending on which route you take it can be 500 miles long. What better way to see a country then to take your time and walk across it slowly, taking in all the beauty? We hope to take the trip sometime in 2014, but first we need to get in better shape. It’s going to be quite the hike!
  4. Russia
    With Russia being the largest country in the world, we could spend months exploring all the country has to offer. We would ride the Trans Siberian Railway, starting in St. Petersburg then head east, hopping on and off the train as we please.
  5. Kenya
    Kenya has some of the best wildlife watching in Africa, including giraffes, genets, lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos and tons more. Pair that with the colorful African sunsets, and this makes my top list. And while we’re there perhaps we’ll do some volunteer work with animal conservation, and then backpack through Africa? Here’s to hoping.

Dylan’s Top 5 Destinations to Visit

Dream Destination: Dubai city is lit up by multiple colors of lights at night

Futuristic looking Dubai glows at night
© Copyright Michael Theis and licensed for reuse under CC BY-ND 2.0

Miranda stole a few of my top destinations to visit, but hey, where she goes I go anyway. It’s okay though, I have a few more dream destinations up my sleeve.

  1. UkraineThe old country. The part of Canada we are from, Alberta, is home to many Ukranians, who settled there in waves. My dad’s family was one of them, and both pysankas and perogies have always been a part of my life. An often persecuted group of people, Ukranians live by the earth and persevere through strong cultural traditions. Although the Ukraine might not be everyone’s dream country, visiting the Ukraine will be akin to visiting my roots. Plus, I’ll see if I can find me some home made horilka, Ukrainian vodka.
  2. United Arab EmiratesThis one’s near the top of my list, but in practicality, visiting any of the Emirates is probably a long way from happening. To me, as to many of their visitors, the appeal of the Emirates is the massive mega projects that have sprung up in recent years. Since the discovery of oil in the region, futuristic cities have risen from the sand, formed of monolithic structures that remind me of the massive monuments built in ancient times. Metropolitan cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi stand as testaments to modern urban planning and provide insight into what cities of the future may look like.

    The downside to expensive cities though, is that they are expensive to visit as well. I may have to push this one down my list of countries to see for awhile.

  3. Costa Rica
    As Miranda mentioned, some of our earliest travel plans included a tour of South America. A big portion of this dream existed in Costa Rica, where we planned to save the sea turtles, pet some ocelots, and even contemplated buying a house when we got some money (they’re cheap!). Our plans may have changed, but I still hope to end up there.
  4. Australia
    Kangaroos, koalas and crocs. I would say Steve Irwin, but, well, you know. Australia is the place I think of when I wish I was somewhere hot, especially when it starts to rain here in Scotland, or when it snowed back in Canada. This one actually may be next on our list after we leave the UK, since they offer a similar working holiday visa as the one we are on here. Can’t wait to get me some sun!
  5. Brazil
    When I think exploring, I think hacking my way through dense Amazonian underbrush. That’s why Brazil, the primary location of the Amazon Jungle, makes my list. The rainforest is one of the most exotic biomes I can think of, and I think it should sate my desire to witness new landscapes for at least a little while.

Looking back at this list, it looks like most of our destinations are hot. In fairness though, we did contemplate a few colder countries as well. Romania, Norway, Iceland, and Antarctica were all shortlisted. Maybe they’ll make the next post like this.

Our list is always changing. If next week you asked us to name our top dream countries to visit, it would probably be different. But we plan on traveling the world for as long as we can, so while we haven’t been everywhere, it’s on our list.


What is your dream destination?


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