2 Years Living in Scotland

It’s crazy to think 2 years in Scotland has already passed. I was originally planning on living in London, but last minute I changed my mind and decided Edinburgh would be my new home instead. I arrived with my boyfriend at the time in March 2013.

I found a cheap one way ticket to London, and started planning my new adventure. I moved here because I wanted to travel, and didn’t have the patience to stay home and save up. So the next best option was to get a working holiday visa. Torn between a few countries, I ended up picking the UK, mostly because there’s castles, cute accents, and loads of natural beauty.

Charlie Chaplin putting on his makeup during the Edinburgh Frigte Festival.

Two Years In Scotland

So I spent the last 2 years in Scotland. The first few weeks involved the boring stuff like finding a place to live, opening a bank account, getting a national insurance number. We ended up getting all that sorted out within in the first couple weeks. Now it was time to find a job.

The first job I had was probably the worst job I’ve ever had. My job consisted of me calling people and doing a survey about their bank. I hated every minute of it. I was horrible at it, and the company had really high expectations. I left on one of my breaks and never went back. Everyone in my training group also ended up leaving shortly after.

The next job I got, I ended up working part time delivering leaflets throughout the city. It was only part time work and the pay sucked big time. But It was something that helped pay rent, and allowed me to see a lot of the city. After a few months of this job, I quit again to work at a call centre full time.

And then about a year into the trip I broke up with the boy I moved here with, he went back to Canada and I stayed in Edinburgh. After the breakup I found a new apartment to live in, and met some amazing new friends, and started a new job.

I’ve visited the Highlands, explored castles, attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, watched as Scotland participated in their most important vote, and so much more.  I’ve had the best time in Scotland, and I’m already sad knowing I’ll be leaving my “home” soon.

front of newspaper asking if Scotland should be independent of the UK.

The Future

My working holiday visa has now expired, and my last day of work was on March 13. Currently I have a one way ticket from London to Morocco. I’ll be travelling around until my money starts to run out. After this, I’ll be heading home to Canada to visit friends and family, and eat all the foods I’ve been missing (mostly loads of poutine, Kraft Dinner, and ketchup chips). I’m also looking forward to seeing more of my own back yard. It’s easy to forget how amazing your own home can be.

I’ll likely be spending the majority of the Summer in Canada working and saving up for my next trip which will either be another working holiday to a new country, or perhaps a year long RTW trip.

Driving down a road in the Scottish Highlands.


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