2016 Travel Plans


2015 is over already. I didn’t do as much travel as I hoped this past year, but I did manage a few trips.

2015 Trips

The first three months of 2015 were spent in Scotland. Once my working holiday visa expired, I  spent a month travelling through Morocco. I drink a ridiculous amount of mint tea, and ate so much tangine. It was amazing. In Morocco I visited Marrakesh, the Sahara Desert, Chefchouen, Agadir, Essaouira, Tangier, and Fes.

a man working in the Marrakesh leather tannery's.

After Morocco I flew to Germany to met a friend for a weekend of partying. We spent a couple days in Düsseldorf, and went to Cologne for a day. We spent the weekend drinking way too much, eating only bratwurst and currywurst. I could probably eat currywurst everyday. Oh and we almost became strippers.

currywurst in dusseldorf germany kolgne cologne, Germany me

After Germany I was planning on staying in Scotland for another week to visit friends and close down all my accounts I didn’t need any more, and finish packing.  However the UK only gave me temporary entry. I had to leave the next night.

So naturally I spent my last night in Edinburgh drinking until I had to go back to the airport. Instead of doing important things like close my bank, pack my things. I think I had my priorities in the right place though. No Regrets.

I came back to Canada in May and spent the majority of the summer working and saving up for my next trip.  I took a short trip to see a wedding in BC, but spent most of the summer and fall in Edmonton.

The 2016 Travel Plans

2016travelplans, 2016 travel plans, travel map, cannon, lonely planet central america and cuba book. Canadian passport

This past June I bought a one way ticket to Mexico City for January 10th.

I’ll be flying to Mexico from Vancouver-one of my favourite cities. So the first few days of January will be spent in Vancouver where I plan on eating some cheap sushi, hike in the city and do some more touristy things I didn’t do while I was living there.

I fly from Vancouver to Mexico city, but opted for a 2 day layover in Phoenix Arizona. The plane ticket for the layover was only a bit more so why not stop for a couple days? Hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit the Grand Canyon while I’m there.

Once I arrive in Mexico City I have no plans. I’m currently thinking about 3 weeks in Mexico and then fly to Cuba and backpack around there for about a month. After that I plan to hit up Belize, Guatamala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and if the money is still in my account the plan is  to hit up Costa Rica and Panama, and Colombia.

I’ll likely be back in Canada again for the summer to save up for the winters trips. I’m currently planning on moving to Ireland or Germany for another working holiday visa.  With a trip to Norway and Iceland for some hiking adventures. And a quick visit again to Scotland to visit friends and hopefully walk the West Highland way.

What are your 2016 travel plans?


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