The Time I Got Kicked Out of the UK


I had just spent the last two years living and working in Edinburgh, my work visa was about to expire.  So before heading back to Canada I had a month long trip in Morocco planned and a weekend trip to Düsseldorf, Germany to meet up with a friend for one last weekend of partying together.

I had already bought my plane ticket home and intended to arrive the first week of May, but when I got to the UK customs I was pulled aside, and told they needed to speak to their supervisor to see if I was allowed to enter the UK.

They decided that I needed to be questioned about my intended stay in Scotland.

Me: “I’m here to pick up the rest of my luggage, and close down my accounts before moving back to Canada next week”.

And then came the questions.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Do you have a job?”

“No, I quit it.”

“Do you have family here?”


After a few more questions I was told to wait in another room while they decided my fate.

about an hour later I was told they didn’t believe that I was intending to leave the UK, on the flight I had already booked and paid for, and I had to wait a bit longer before they process the paperwork.

About 5 hours later I was free to go. Since there were no planes heading to Canada for another day and half I was granted temporary entry-they took my passport and told me to buy a new ticket on the next plane to Canada.

Except the next plane to Canada was only going to Toronto and I needed to get to Edmonton, the opposite side of the country. $900.00 later I had my ticket and my bank account was emptied. My original ticket had gone to waste.

Now that I had a new ticket, I had one last day in Edinburgh before I needed to head to the airport at 3am. Instead of being productive I ended up at the pub until it closed with some of my favourite people.

I arrived in Canada with an empty bank account, But the guys at the border did feed me some pasta. Lets just say I spend $1500 on mediocre pasta, and decided to come home early.

And that is how I got kicked out of the UK.



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  • Zenobia says:

    Wow that`s… well, that sucks. UK immigration once kept me when I tried to board a boat from Dover to Calais because they saw a visa for Lebanon in my passport. I had visited for 1 day, to see 1 temple. I was a 16 year old, small, blonde, Dutch girl. Now not to say there is a stereo-type for terrorists, but I am still a little confused by their way of thinking.

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