5 Tips For Attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Photos

With the Edinburgh Fringe Festival coming up again, I thought I’d write a post about some tips about attending the festival. And I’ve just edited a some photos from the last two years from when I attended the festival.

1. Take out money before getting to the festival

Sometimes later in the day, the atm machines go out of service, or there’s a huge line up to take out money. If you have the opportunity, take out some money before hitting the festival.

2. Book popular shows in advance

This is a bit obvious popular shows can sell out quickly. If there’s a show you want to see, book in advance.

Sold out shows may also have last minute tickets available at the venue, so if you forgot to get tickets, go to the venue anyway.

3. Bring change and small bills/notes

The Fringe Festival includes some street performances and free live theatre or comedy shows that you can see for free. However at the end of the free shows, the performers ask for a donation.

4. Book accommodation ahead of time

The last two years I’ve attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I was already living in Edinburgh so I didn’t need to rent a room in a hotel or hostel.

August is a crazy busy month in Edinburgh, so it’s best to book your accommodation well in advance. And be prepared to pay a little more, as prices for rooms or beds are sometimes doubled.

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5. Check out the Virgin Money Half Price Hut

Generally the shows range from £5.00-£30.00 for a ticket, with the average being about £10.00. Everyday the Virgin Money Half Price Hut will have tickets to select shows for half off.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Photos


A performer during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Why is this guy showing his nipple? I have no clue.


A mary-go-round in front of the Edinburgh Castle during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

You can never take too many photos of the Edinburgh Castle.


An abandoned umbrella on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Fact: I have the largest collection of abandoned umbrella photos in the world…ok, maybe not a fact but I do have a lot of photos of them.


A mural by Chris Rutterford during Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A mural by artist Chris Rutterford


Musicians perfoming at the Grassmarket during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Musicians in the Grassmarket


A fire breather performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Fire-breather on the Royal Mile


A contact juggler performing on the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Have you attended the Edinburgh Fringe?





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