7 Reasons You Should Take a Working Holiday

1. You want to travel NOW, but you’re poor AF

The main reason I ended up spending the last 2 years in Scotland was due to my lack of money. I had a decent job, but there’s no way I had any interest in spending the next year or 2 working there just to save money for some long term travel. I knew I wanted to travel ASAP. Moving to Scotland, a country I’ve never visited before was just like travelling. Everything was new. Once I got settled into my new life I would take some day trips to explore more of Scotland.

St. Giles cathedral on the Royal Mille in Edinburhg

2. You get to explore the city you choose like a local

Originally I was going to move  to a new city every few months, but ended up spending the entire 2 years of my working holiday visa in Edinburgh. I loved Edinburgh, and didn’t want to leave. During my 2 years in the city I got to explore it slowly and got to make some great friends during my time. I had a handful of favourite pubs and restaurants. I regularly visited the farmers market on Saturday mornings. And when my friend from Canada came for a visit, I was able to show her all my favourite spots.

Laundry hanging in the old part of Dean Village, Edinburgh, Scotland

3. Your money is worth nothing

Currently the Canadian dollar is worth about .5 of the pound. Which means If you’re working in the UK and manage to save £1000.00, when you convert that to Canadian dollars it’s doubled! Which makes it easy to save for future travels if you’re living and working in a place with a stronger currency, or even pay down some debt back home.

4. It can look good on your resume

Once you come back home, and are looking for work again,  having some international work can look good. Tell your potential employer how your adaptable. You can manage a budget, travelling the world, or moving to a new country involves some sort of budgeting skills. You can negotiate well, that time you haggled in the market or for that cab ride counts as negation skills.

A view of Edinburgh's old town from Arthors Seat.


Working holiday visas are for youth only. You have to be between the ages of 18-30 (or 35 for some countries) to get the visa. Once you’re older then the allowed ages it’s too late.

A view of Edinburgh's roof tops from the National Museum.

6. You can stay in the country until your visa expires

My visa for the UK was valid for 2 years. Meaning I could stay in the country for up to 24 months. I was also able to leave and enter the UK as much as I wanted to for those 2 years. For Canadians on a visitor visa we only get 6 months a year to spend in the UK.

A film photo of New Castle, England.

7. You will still be able to pay your bills

One of the biggest excuses people give for not being able to travel is either lack of money, or they have bills to pay. With a working holiday visa you’re still working, just in a different country. I had student loans and some credit card debit that I was able to make payments on every month, just like being back home. I was also able to put a little bit of money away for the future.

My two years living in Scotland were amazing. And after travelling through Central America this winter I plan on moving to a new country again. I just need to decide where to move.

Have you gone on a working holiday?

Looking at Calton Hill, Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat.



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