7 Things I Don’t Understand About the UK

After living in the UK for the last 2 years, there are some things they do here that just don’t make sense still. So here is a list of 7 Things I just don’t understand about the UK, and probably never will.

Don’t worry UK, I still love you, you’re just confusing sometimes.

7 Things I Don't Understand About the UK, 3 red phone booths on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Adding an “s” after some words (Only Randomly Though)

Tesco and Asda are both shops in the UK that sell food, clothing, housewares stuff, ect. The names of the shops are Tesco, the other is called Asda. But if you’re speaking to someone, they’ll likely add an “s” after the name. Like this ” I just went to Tesco’s to pick up some milk”.

Also Math becomes Maths. I just don’t understand where these ‘s’ are coming from.

Lack of Dryers (For Clothing)

I’ll admit on of the things I’m really looking forward to when I get home, is being able to wash and DRY my clothes. No more hanging them up in the living room where it takes them over a day to completely dry.

I’ll never understand why apartments don’t have a dryer for your clothes. Most places in the UK don’t have a private yard, and it when they say it rains a alot in the UK, it really rains a lot. So without a dryer or yard space, your ment to dry your clothes in your tiny apartment-doesn’t make sense.

Lack of 24 Hour Places to Get Food

Okay, so this ones mainly for you Edinburgh, as the other larger cities in the UK seem to have this one down. There is really no where to get food after a night out in Edinburgh. There are a few chippy’s that might be open until 3 am, and maybe a Mcdonolds in the city centre that’s open late. But If you want to stop at a restaurant or even order something to take home, you’ll have trouble finding anything open late.

This can also go for general shops in Edinburgh, most are closed early. Get your shit together Edinburgh!

Having Tea

And I don’t mean the tea you drink. When you’re in the UK you call your dinner or supper tea. And your lunch is called dinner.  Supper doesn’t exist.

So when someone says “I’ll head out after my tea”, they mean “I just gotta eat first”.

Oh and when you’re actually having tea? That’s also called having tea or a cuppa.


This one probably won’t make sense unless you see it. I don’t actually have a photo of this yet, but I’ll add one later.

Facuets, or taps in the UK are usually separated by hot and cold. If you want to use warm water to wash your hands? too bad. If the facuets are not separated, the water normally runs separately, again leaving one side of the running water cold, and one hot.

Baked Beans

I don’t think I’ll ever get the obsession with baked beans. Baked beans for breakfast, baked beans on toast. yuck.

A typical breakfast comes with loads of baked beans, but then the bean juice gets everywhere. Oh and bean juice also means something different. You can urban dictionary it if you want. Probably NSFW though.

Using “The” before sports

When you’re speaking to someone and they’re talking about watching a football game, they’ll say “I’m off to watch THE football”, or just “Just watching Rugby”.

“The” is not necessary, I promise.


Have you ever lived in the UK? Is there anything you still don’t get about the UK?


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