A Visit to the Edinburgh Dungeons

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Edinburgh Dungeons, its one of the places I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile now.

The Edinburgh Dungeon

With Edinburgh being such an old city, it’s clearly full of history. Some of it dark, and some of it not so dark. The Edinburgh Dungeon takes you through 11 stories lasting about 80 minutes, exploring Edinburgh’s darker side.

Without spoiling it for you, here is a preview of what you’ll experience:

The Judge and the Courtroom
The tour starts of with you heading into the courtroom where the judge is handing out sentences for any wrong doing.

The Torturer
Well I think the name of it explains it all. Here you’ll find out what insturments were used, and how they were used to punish their victims.

Boat Ride
The first ride of the tour. Jump on a boat and head into the darkness in search of Sawney Bean…

Sawney Bean
An incestuous cannibalistic family who lived in a cave on Scotland’s coast.

Anatomy Theatre
Find  out how an autopsy was performed.

Burke And Hare
Murders who would sell their victims bodies for medical research.

Street of Sorrows
What was it like to live in Edinburgh back in the day? Miserable especially if you were poor.

William Wallace
One of the main leaders for the fight of Scottish independence.

Maggie Dickinson
Maggie was hung during a public execution, her body was placed into a coffin, shortly after she was found alive.

Drop Dead
The second ride of the tour. If you’re not into heights you can skip the ride.

The tour ends with leaving you on your own to find your way out of the maze of mirrors, once you find the exit you have the opportunity to purchase some photos, or just head right to the gift shop.

Edinburgh Dungeon


I defiantly enjoyed my time exploring the Edinburgh Dungeons. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day while visiting Edinburgh.

How do you find it?

They are located on 31 Market Street, which is just behind the Waverley Train Station.

A map to find the Edinburgh Dungeon


Tickets are pretty expensive if you’re getting them from the door (Adults are £16.50) However you can purchase tickets at discount from the website, where an adult ticket will cost you £10.95


*I was provided complimentary tickets to visit the Dungeons, however all opinions are my own.




Have you ever visited a dungeon?


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