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If interested please see our Guest Post Submission Guide.

Sorry, we do not accept paid guest posts. We are, however, open to press trips and will accept products in exchange for an honest review. Please see below for more details.

This article is intended both for our readers and for potential advertisers.

Transparent Advertising

It’s taken a while for us to hammer out an advertising policy, as we have had to strike a balance between keeping a clean looking and trustworthy website, while at the same time planning for a business model that is sustainable and will hopefully allow us to stay on the road for as long as we can, which is what this is all about in the long run.

Our specific methods of advertising may change in the future as we see fit, but we will always stay committed to the practice of transparent advertising.

What this means is that we will never accept money or gifts in exchange for an advertisement that hasn’t been disclosed; what is an advertisement and what isn’t will always be immediately apparent.

We realize that travel bloggers sometimes enter into murky territory here, especially if they decide to accept gifts or free trips in exchange for a review. Since we have decided that we will be open to such offers, we realize that we are opening ourselves up to conflicts of interest.

To combat this, we pledge to always disclose any involvement an outside source has had with a post. We will never write something that our opinion does not support.

Other forms of advertising, such as banner advertisements and affiliate links, will also be disclosed as such.

All links in advertisements will be marked as “nofollow,” in keeping with Google’s guidelines.

Banner Advertisements

We are currently accepting banner advertisements for our sidebar. All advertisements will appear on every page of our site, including the front page and on posts.

Accepted industries:

We are currently only accepting advertisements for businesses in the travel and photography industries. This is so that we can serve our readers relevant ads that will be of interest to them.

Relevant ads are also more likely to correspond to more clicks for advertisers, of course.


We are currently looking to rent our space for 3 month terms. Advertisers are welcome to renew after this time.

Prices and Payment:

Please contact us to negotiate prices. We will provide visitor counts and other statistics at request. Payment is required up front and in full.

Available slots:

There are 3 slots open for advertisers to choose from; each slot is available separately, although the bottom two slots may be purchased together for a single double length advertisement.

A single advertiser is welcome to buy out all 3 slots, however we do ask that all ads be visually different.

Banner advertisements will be fit within a black border to maintain visual cohesion within the sidebar. See image below for what this may look like.

Top Slot:

This is the most prominent advertisement available, and will be priced slightly more than the the bottom two. It will appear below our “Follow Us” widget, approximately near or below the introduction paragraphs of our posts.

This positions it perfectly so that anyone who is reading an article is sure to see it. Readers must scroll past it to see most content.

Size: 180px x 150px

Bottom Slot 1:

This is positioned at the bottom of the sidebar; however, on many articles our sidebar only extends to about the middle of the page, and as such it is still positioned well so that most readers should see it.

May be purchased in conjunction with Bottom Slot 2 to form a larger advertisement slot.

Size: 180px x 150px or 180px x 300px

Bottom Slot 2:

Similar to Bottom Slot 1, advertisements here should be visible to most readers.

May be purchased in conjunction with Bottom Slot 1 to form a larger advertisement slot.

Size: 180px x 150px or 180px x 300px

Available Slots:
(Click Image to Enlarge)


If have a banner advertisement that you think will be of interest to our readers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trips & Reviews

We are open to accepting trips or products in exchange for an article or two about our experience. Although the exact details of what sort of coverage we will provide will depend on the particular situation, we are open to writing multiple articles when there would be enough content to do so, such as writing about various aspects of a trip that we have been sent on.

In keeping with our transparency policy above, we guarantee that what we write will be an honest evaluation of our experience. We aim to provide our readers with accurate and trustworthy information, and as such we reserve the right to express any opinion, positive or negative, about a product that has been given to us. In the long run the trust that is built from this will benefit the quality companies that we work with, as our readers will know without a doubt that the product is worthy of their time and money.

Also in keeping with our transparency policy, full and prominent disclosure of the fact that we have accepted the product for free will be included in the article.

Articles will follow much the same format as any other that we write on Endlessly Changing Horizon; they will provide a first hand account of our experience, combined with facts and other information that we feel the reader may find helpful.

If you have a product that you are excited to get the word out about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Affiliate Links

To our readers:

From time to time we may decide to include an affiliate link in an article. An affiliate link is a link to a product that keeps track of who the referrer is (that’s us!), and if the person who clicked the link purchases the product, we make a commission off the sale. The money we make comes from the pocket of the company offering the product, so you don’t pay any extra, and we make some extra money.

We’ll always let you know when one of our links is an affiliate link.

To advertisers:

If you are offering affiliate links to promote a travel related product that you think may be of interest to our readers, please let us know and we will have a look at it. If we like it and find somewhere where we can fit it in on our site, we probably will.

Please contact us if this is something you would be interested in doing.