Morocco in Photos

I spent a month in the beautiful country of Morocco. Here are some of my favourite photos I took form my trip.

Morocco in Photos


Ah Marrakesh, you’re crazy. I spent about a week here in total. Most of the time I loved Marrakesh-except the time I got lost in the Souks for a couple hours, and the kid who ripped me off, and that other guy who ripped me off. The majority of the time though I just ate soup and couscous.

nuts for sale in Marrakesh

Marrakesh medina

man walking in Marrakesh



I wasn’t originally planning on visiting Assilah, but after a recommendation from the woman working at the Marrakesh hostel I decided to take a day trip here from Tangier.

I met a guy in the Tangier hostel I was staying at who also was wanting to get away from Tangier for the night. We ended up taking a long distance taxi from Tangier to Assilah, the kind of taxi were there is 5 seats including the driver and they put at least 7 people in the taxi….not the most comfortable hour drive I’ve had. But it was defiantly an interesting way to get there.

Bicycle in Assilah, Morocco.

Assilah Morocco


My favourite city in Morocco. I came here near the end of my trip, and it was a much more relaxed city compared to the hustle of Marrakesh.

If you’ve ever looked at photos of Morocco you’re guaranteed to have seen some photos of Chefchaouen. It’s the city that’s nestled in the mountains and painted entirely blue.

plates for sale in Morocco.

a cat sleeping on a Moroccan carpet

Paint for sale in Chefchouen

The Chefchouen Medina.

Sahara Desert

This was easily my favourite part of my Morocco trip. We spent the whole day driving to a town just outside the dessert. The next morning we rode camels for 2 hours to get to the camp. Once we got to the camp we climbed a huge sand dune to watch the sunset.

After the berber’s made us some chicken tangine and played us some traditional music. By the end of the night I put my camera away and didn’t manage to  get too many photos. I just wanted to enjoy the night.

Berbers playing music in Morocco's Sahara Desert.

The sunrise in the Sahara Desert.


I didn’t get to spend too much time in Fez. It was the last part of my trip before heading to Germany. I arrived on a Friday and left on the Sunday.

When I got here most of the shops in the medina were closed, In Morocco the weekend is a Friday and a Saturday-so the majority of shops are closed that day. I ended up running into a girl while we were both walking in the medina trying to avoid unwanted comments from men.  We ended up walking to her hostel so she could drop off her stuff and explored the medina for a bit. Since most things were closed we went to where my hotel was located and went for my last moroccan meal- Beef Tangine.






Another one of my favourites in Morocco. Back in the day Tangier was a international zone. Hippies from the beat generation headed there in masses.

Untitled design





A port city on the Atlantic coast, I headed here for a few days after Marrakesh. Most of my time here the city was covered in a foggy haze.

During a walk a friend and I discovered a festival was going on while we were visiting. We headed out just outside the fort walls where the locals were getting ready to watch the festival. I have no idea what was going on, or what the festival was, but it involved a congo line of clowns, acrobats, and a few different groups of musicians playing some traditional music.

There are still so many places I didn’t get a change to visit in Morocco so I’ll be back one day.

\view from a rooftop terrace in Essaouira.

Clowns doing a congo line in Essaouira, Morocco.

clowns in Essaouira

Man playing music in Essaouira, Morocco.


Have you been to Morocco?




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