Things I Love About Antigua

In total I spent almost 2 months in Antigua. I spent 6 weeks volunteering as a bartender in a hostel, I worked in exchange for a couple meals, free drinks, and a place to stay. The other 2 weeks in Guatemala were spent at the lake, and roaming around Tikal and Semuc Champey.

The Things I love About Antigua:

1. The street food. Especially during Semana Santa. Chocolate covered marshmallows, some of the best and cheapest sandwiches ever, tacos, nuts, fruit, and pupusas are all easily found late at night.

2. The after party’s and abandoned pool parties. Most places close around 1am, but after that follow the crowd to the after party, and on Saturdays there’s always a party taking place in an old empty pool.

3. The cobblestoned roads-except when you’re drunk and walking home.

4. Most people are friendly, and willing to help you. And I felt safe the entire time I was in Antigua, even at 2am.

5. Watching the Volcanoes erupt at night, and knowing that you’re probably far enough away that you won’t die from it.

volcano eurpting in Antigua Guatemala.

6. How it’s ladies night almost every night at one of the bars, this means free drinks.

7. It’s tiny, you can walk pretty much everywhere. And all the food you’ll eat will make you gain        weight, so walking is necessary

8. Hobbitenango. A little hobbit town on the top of a mountain, great for sunset viewing.

Hobbitenango in Antigua Guatemala.

Have you been to Antigua? What are your thoughts?


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