Tips for Travelling Morocco as a Solo Female

I loved Morocco. I’m not going to lie, spending about a month in Morocco mostly on my own hasn’t been easy. As a solo female you will stand out.

There were times where the constant harassment was too much, but I never felt that I was in any kind of danger.

I spend an entire month travelling solo through Morocco by train, bus, and taxi. I started in Marrakesh where I spent a few nights exploring the souks and markets. I then headed to the hippie city of Essaouira. I travelled to Agadir for a few nights of rest before heading back to Marrakesh and going on a Sahara Desert tour for 2 nights. After spending a few nights under the stars with the Berbers I headed north to Tangier. After about a week in Tangier I spend another week in Chefchaouen which ended up being my favourite city in Morocco. I ended up running out of time, and only spent a weekend in Fez.

After spending the month in Morocco, I’ve come up with some tips to help solo travellers.


Tips for Travelling Morocco as a Solo Female

1.  Book your hostel in advance

You don’t have to book too far in advance a day or two should be fine.

I found that many of the hostels in the older parts of the city were not well marked. Some of the ones I stayed at didn’t even have a sign stating they were a hostel on the outside. So if you’re planning on  just winging it, and finding a hostel when you arrive, you might be walking around for awhile.

When booking your hostel make sure you take not of the address and any instructions on how to get there. Google maps does not work in the Medina/old areas of most of the cities.

2. Don’t walk alone at night

Going out to the main square at 11pm is fine. There’s always lots of people around and it’s pretty safe. Avoid walking in deserted areas.

Even though Morocco is a mainly Muslim country, there are places you can drink. If you’re going out drinking make sure you know how to get back to your hostel, and don’t go alone.

3. Don’t engage/ignore the advances

When someone is making inappropriate comment to you, it’s just best to ignore them.

Commenting back just encourages them to respond back to you.

4. Cover up

Wearing low cut tops, and tight clothing will only draw unwanted attention to you.

It’s best to cover your legs and shoulders and avoid wearing anything too tight.

5. Learn some basic Arabic

Learning some basic Arabic will go far. Spanish is also largely spoken in Northern Morocco, and French is spoken almost everywhere.


6. Don’t arrive at night

This goes with walking alone at night, avoid arriving to a new city when it’s dark. Try and arrive during the day when it’s still light out. This will make it easier to find your way to your hostel.

7. Be sure to have travel insurance

This is just a given. You should always travel with insurance just in case anything happens.

8. When taking a taxi have the driver use a meter

It’s common for the meter to be “broken”. Insist on having the driver use the meter or at least agree to a price before getting inside.

There are also two main taxi’s in Morocco. The Petit taxi and the grand taxi. The Petit taxi is generally used for short distances within the city you are in and it’s usually the cheaper option.

The Grand taxi is for travelling to another city. They still sometimes will take you to local places but will probably charge more. You can generally find these taxis near the bus and train stations. It can be cheaper to travel by grand taxi instead of the bus to another city. But the driver will not leave until all seats are full. The driver will have about 6 other pass angers plus himself-in a 5 seat car. It’s not comfortable at all.

It’s also common for the taxi driver to pick up other people on the streets while you’re in the backseat and drop them off if they’re going near where you’re being dropped off.


Other Info for the Solo Traveller

I found public transportation for be completely safe and extremely affordable in Morocco. I travelled by train, bus, and shared taxi-and didn’t have any problems.

Buses are usually really cheap way to travel across the country. I took the bus multiple times as away to travel to the next city. Supatours  is a company found most places in Morocco, and would recommend them to others. The buses always had air conditioning and some even had free wi-fi.

I only took the train once while in Morocco. It was slightly more expensive than the bus, but a few hours faster. I ended up taking the train from Marrakesh to Tangier on the overnight train. Being on a budget I went with second class.


Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments below.


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