What Happened:January 2016

I’ve decided to start doing a monthly recap of what I’ve been up to.  January, a new year, a new adventure.  After spending the last 7 months in Edmonton working as much as possible for my Central American adventure. So here is what I’ve been up to for the last 31 days.

Places Visited

Canada: Edmonton, Vancouver

I had a very quiet New Years, I was just getting over a cold and decided to stay home and save a bit of money for my up coming travels. So the night involved junk food and renting a movie.

On January 5th I flew from Edmonton to Vancouver with a good friend of mine who was on her way to New Zealand. We flew to Vancouver together and then went our separate ways.

I spent a couple days in Vancouver, one of my favourite cities, and a place I lived in for 2 years. I spent a day eating sushi and hiking in Lynn Valley before heading back to the airport to sleep.

Vancouver Lynn Valley suspension bridge


The pool in Vancouver's Lynn Vallley

USA: Phoenix, Grand Canyon

When I purchased my flight to Mexico City, there was originally a 2 hour stop over in Phoenix, I decided to extend the stopover for 3 nights. What a perfect excuse to see the Grand Canyon, and it was a great decision. It ended up being pretty cold in Arizona for my entire visit, and The Grand Canyon ended up being covered in snow. A rare and beautiful site! I’ve decided I really need to go back to Arizona and do road trip that involves lots of hiking.

The Grand Canyon covered in snow.

The Grand Canyon covered in snow.

The Grand Canyon covered in snow.

Mexico: Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas

After Phoenix it was time for the 3rd flight of the year. I landed in Mexico City on the 10th and spent 5 nights in Mexico City. I found Mexico City to be a bit too crowded and started to really enjoy Mexico after leaving the city. I went to Cuernavaca next where I ended up meeting an old friend I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. She had to work the entire time I was there but we’d end up going out for dinner and drinks every night. I left Cuernavaca for Oaxaca where I took it pretty easy and then left for San Cristolbal where I did a day trip to a canyon.

Girl in Mexico

Guatamala: Panajachel, San Pedro

I left San Cristolbal and headed south to Guatamala and spent the last days of January in San Pedro on Lake Atitlan.


Seeing the Grand Canyon covered in snow, visiting an old friend in Curnavaca, and Kayaking on Lake Atalain.


Losing my Kindle. I’ve now resorted to reading the free books at hostels. The selection is not amazing.

I also got scammed at the Guatemalan border, as did everyone else in my group. There is no official entry fee to enter Guatamala but sometimes the border guy will ask for a fee. It’s a known scam, and there’s really not much you can do about it. In the end it was less than $3.00.

What I’ve read this Month:

How Not to Travel the World by Lauren Juliff: Lauren is the blogger behind Never Ending Footsteps one of my favourite travel blogs. Before travelling she suffered anxiety and lived a very sheltered life. She started travelling after saving for years and the end of a relationship. In her book she goes into detail about all the misadventures she’s had. From getting scammed in Shanghai to falling into rice patties. A definite read.

What I was doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman: In her 20’s Kristin’s friends were all getting married and having babies and everyone was telling her that’s what she is suppose to do. Instead when she had time off from her sitcom writing career she’d travel to far away locations and have love affairs with local men including an Arginteian priest and Isreali bartenders. Did I mention there’s lot of sex in this book?

What’s on the Horizon For February

I’ve realized I’ve been spending too much money and not keeping track of it properly. So I’ll be based in Antigua, Guatamala for most of the month, where I’ll be volunteering at a hostel in exchange for food and a bed. On my days off I’ll do some day trips around Antigua.

Is there anything I should add to these monthly round-ups? How much I’ve spent? Best meal? leave a comment below if there’s anything you’d like me to add to next months.



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